Orgone – The Goliath

Self released – 2007

Remember MySpace? Before it’s eventual end, there was an explosion of bands like Job For A Cowboy, but buried deep in all of that noise I found this band. Overly ambitious and pretentious. I was sold. I ordered the CD directly from them via direct message, delivered with a handwritten note, we both felt appreciated in our tiny corners of the earth. These are riffs for the ADHD generation. An incredibly beautiful undercurrent of intense melody carries throughout the EP. It’s meant to be listened to as a whole, like most releases I’ll be covering in Rob:scure, but it’s the clean build during ‘The Goliath (Drained Trough of Resistance)’ (3:49) that offers an anchor in a sea of violent whirlpools for me.


FFO (For Fans Of) : being face-blasted

Until next monday… Stay sexy. – Rob