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SUMAC – WHAT ONE BECOMES (Thrill Jockey – 2016)

Remember Isis? No, not that one, the other one. Unless you’re a total cave dweller, you should already be on top of this band. Or maybe your cave has sweet wi-fi and you already know this is the latest band of Aaron Turner (Isis), Brian Cook (Russian Circles), and Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists). I’ve always had a bit of a man-crush for Turner, his music has always tapped into something emotionally primal, taking a darker turn with this band. It falls into some of the noisier tropes like his other band Old Man Gloom, but I’ve never been big on noise in the album format. But when this album punches, it punches hard. None more so than at 2:57 and onwards during ‘Image of Control (II).’ Holy fuck. It’s like listening to star collapse. Do yourself a favour and see them (and Baptists – double duty drummer alert) at Blå on the 11th of March.

For Fans Of: Seriously, are you still reading? Go listen to the damn album.