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IGORRR – HALLELUJAH (Ad Noiseam – 2012)

I showed this to a mate one time during a long car ride and we laughed the entire way at how wildly absurd the whole album is. Igorrr shows no concern for genre or ‘good taste’ (read: rule abiding) and offers up distilled inspiration. It’s like a musical orgy, light to dark, old to new, all melting together and poured through a funnel down your ear canal. Simultaneously hilarious and creatively sincere. Watch out for the vacuum cleaner sample in ‘Absolute Psalm’ and the chicken beats in ‘Vegetable Soup.’ If you want to feel like even less of a musician, watch the studio series from his last album ‘Savage Sinusoid’ on YouTube too.

For Fans Of: Equal measures of quirk and crush