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Horse The Band – A Natural Death (Koch Records 2007)

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, reminiscing and possibly being blind to exciting new talent right under my nose, but I miss the oddball experimental forces of the 2000s. Pushers of the envelope have always been few and far between, but I feel like that mentality was more in the limelight then. Perhaps it’s because those sounds were fresh to me then? But I certainly feel like we’re mostly living in an age of musical retrospective and strict genre adherence. For example, I love stoner and doom, but how long will it be until the Earth is milked dry of sustainable Sabbath riffs?

I was speaking to Remi of Attan recently about this and his previous band Like Rats From A Sinking Ship plus our mutual appreciation of Genghis Tron; Horse The Band certainly fits somewhere in this conversation. Absurd, catchy and lots of breakdowns are just a few of their ingredients. And if you want more of an understanding of this band and the deterioration of the human psyche, check out their Earth Tour documentary. There’s an abridged version on YouTube, or if you’re feeling particularly masochistic, you can download the entire 10.5 hour marathon here: http://www.horsethebandearthtour.com


For Fans Of: Blowing the dust out of an existential SNES cartridge.