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Yautja – Songs of Descent (Forcefield Records – 2014)

Anyone who says new music isn’t exciting just isn’t listening. I can’t remember how I found these guys, but they gave me that new discovery feeling that I’m always searching for. Someone hasn’t reinvented the wheel, but they’ve reimagined how things fit together.

This band is a primal yet calculated three-headed beast. All three members sharing vocal duties and making the most out of their limitations, where most bands would employ another guitarist or double kick pedals (check out any videos of the drummer sharing double kick parts between the kick and floor tom).

The word Yautja is deep pop-culture reference that I’m surprised no one had taken as a band name already. I really hope these guys keep making music for a long while, because the filter of their creativity is something that really speaks my language.

FFO: If it bleeds, we can kill it.