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OLD MAN GLOOM –  CHRISTMAS (Tortuga Recordings – 2004)

I was living under a rock for a long time, but if you still haven’t heard this band, then maybe you’ve got bigger problems. Somewhat of a supergroup featuring members from a slew of influential bands (Isis, Converge, Cave In, etc.) and one random guy who drums and controls their social media (go follow, dude’s hilarious). Their explorations into noise scapes can get a bit tedious at times if you’re used to the lean and mean approach of their other bands. But this album definitely has more killer than filler. But the charm of this band has always been that they’ve done whatever they want. Maybe even check out this documentary if you get a taste for their flavour – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhJQkH6yTfQ

FFO: Prankster apes.