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Bölzer – Hero (Iron Bonehead Productions – 2016)

A couple of years back a mate of mine was visiting Oslo and suggested I come with him to see Bölzer at Krøsset. I knew nothing of the band, but the name and imagery just made me think of some monotone thrashy blackened/death that everyone with a black denim battle jacket was meant to like. He persisted and I had my idiot eyes (ears) opened up after listening to the celestial anthem ‘I Am III.’ The show was even more impressive, the band only consisting of a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist splitting his signal between multiple amps. The clean vocals in particular are something that sets these guys apart. I’m probably way off in my description here, but it’s almost like an other-worldly Type O Negative bellowing into the cosmos. Either way, definitely give this release a chance to grow on you. 

FFO: Never judging a book by it’s cover.