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Thou – Rhea Sylvia

Deathwish Inc. – 2018

These guys and gals are so prolific it’s difficult to keep up with sometimes. They had five releases last year alone. Rhea Sylvia was one of those and it stirred up my love for Thou once again. It’s a beautiful, trundling goliath with touches of incredible accessibility, such as the radio friendly (I say this with nothing but appreciation) track ‘Deepest Sun.’ Thou maintain a playful balance between sincere message and presenting themselves outside of expectation. I mean, they did a secret set at Roadburn this year only covering Misfits or look at their Bandcamp banner:

I haven’t given them the time they truly deserve. But let’s light some candles, read some lyrics and overthrow social structure together.

FFO: Doom with a teaspoon of hope.