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Stomach Earth – Stomach Earth


Self-released – 2013

Anyone that knows me knows that I have an incredibly big soft spot for The Red Chord and particularly guitarist Mike ‘Gunface’ McKenzie. His unconventional playing helped shape what I considered the boundaries of metal and hardcore, all while keeping a sense of humour about it. There’s nothing funny here on his solo effort though, apart from being comically heavy. Nodding to my countrymen and funeral doom progenitors Disembowlment, Stomach Earth trudges through 49 minutes of primo neanderthalic riffs. But honestly, I prefer McKenzie’s take. It may be slow, but it still has a certain urgency to it, that tasty push and pull between drums and guitar. Perfect example on the track ‘Prolong the Death Watch.’ Enough of my thoughts, check it out for yourself!

FFO: Primo neanderthalic riffs.