Albumanbefaling ROB:SCURE


The St Pierre Snake Invasion – A Hundred Years A Day

Self-released – 2015

How good is it when you go around believing something with so much conviction that you correct people with your infallible knowledge, only to find out that information was actually very fallible? I worked as a bartender for years smugly telling people that a moscow mule was actually made with rum. Yep. Idiot. And then today when I was researching/writing this I realised I had been spreading misinformation about this band too. I was convinced this viral video (https://youtu.be/MTlFk-chSh4) was The St Pierre Snake Invasion. Well done, Rob. All street cred has now been revoked. Nonetheless, these guys deserve more attention than I give to fact checking. One of the best Bristolian bands I never saw. So now I’m hoping I can make up for that by opening channels for them and other UK bands to play Vaterland/Oslo. I hope someone is listening to this call to the stage (and not the last paragraph of personal embarrassment).

FFO: Being wrong. Because it’s important to admit your faults. And then self-deprecate publicly.