Råkkfolk ++++ DJ-sett til veldedighet på Vaterland

Vi og mange flere stiller opp på Vaterland kommende fredag for å samle inn penger til å hjelpe til med situasjonen i Australia.

Info fra eventet.

«Everyone around the world has helped Australia so much since these bushfires ripped through my homeland, but the struggle is far from over for the millions of rare animals that only exist in Australia. The Australian Rescue Collective is made up entirely of volunteers, so your donation goes directly to wildlife shelters that know the local areas and how best to rehabilitate Australia’s unique fauna. Let’s ensure there is a future for these beautiful creatures. Have a brew, save the kangaroo!

We will have DJ sets from Sibiir, Høstsabbat, Pappasaft, Råkkfolk, Father Son Picnic, giveaways and more!

NB: Mini Kitty Commune is the registered charity arm of ARC. They will not take any percentage of your donations and will be transferring the funds raised directly to ARC.



Facebook-eventet: https://facebook.com/events/s/kj%C3%A6rlighet-til-de-australske-d/223932281961988/?ti=cl