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Employed To Serve – Greyer Than You Remember

Holy Roar – 2015

I don’t know if it’s because I’m deep in the rabbit hole of underground music, but these guys seem to just be leveling up every year of their existence and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them with some proper mainstream metal success soon. You wouldn’t have guessed it on this spazzy throwback to 2000s metalcore (but done oh so well), but these guys have now harnessed something powerful that’s seen them go from small stages to packed out festival grounds. There’s enough technicality to appease the elitists, thick grooves (which have only expanded on later albums), and lyrics dealing with oft-forgotten social issues such as dementia. These guys are the whole package and a formidable live band to boot. But let’s not forget the insane production work of Lewis Johns. I’ve been following this guy for years and he has been a big inspiration on my live sound work. Can anyone say huge weighty snares? Enough brown-nosing. Check this shit out, for your mosh.

FFO: Anyone who grew up a #maggot4life but got sidetracked by 2000s chaotic metal Core.