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Palm – My Darkest Friends

Six Feet Under Records – 2013

It should be apparent by now that what really gets my blood pumping is metal infused hardcore, and these guys from Japan serve it in spades and take it beyond. It’s all in the desperate and immediate energy of punk meeting at a crossroads with the weight of metal, yet these frantic animals manage to inject a dose of methed up, party starting, stoner vibe in there too.

Norwegians are baffled when I decline a cup of coffee, I’ve never felt the need for it and is it any wonder when my personal soundtrack is a steady diet of this noise? There’s a documentary (linked below) about their 2013 Australian tour, which offers a great insight into the mindset of a great hardcore band – play every show like it’s your last. This is something I wish more bands lived by. Play it like you mean it and fight for greatness. Nevermind the obscurity, if one person connects and gains something positive from your music or performance, then it’s worth all the blood, sweat and tears that go into it.

FFO: punching the floor.