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Barren Womb – Old Money/New Lows

Spartan / Loyal Blood Records – 2018

Barren Womb might be a household name to all you cool cats in the Norwegian underground sipping your Fernet Branca, but what about all those oblivious plebs in the outside world? This duo is a genre-bending wall of noise and punk ethos packed to the brim with snarky lyrics and hooky as fuck tunes. Covering topics such as future generations being robbed of their rights to the downsides of eating hot dogs. All while maintaining a sense of fun and curveballs scattered throughout. If you don’t have a soft spot for this pair of sweethearts already, then sort yourself out. I get excited every time these guys are in town, so once their lyrics have stopped materialising in the real world and we can go outside again, check if they’re touring in your town. If it offers any weight, this was definitely my most listened to album of 2018 and I’m stoked to hear their new one coming out next month

FFO: The Melvins with meaning.