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Nice Hooves – The Gall (No Rest Until Ruin – 2015)

It looks like life might be returning to something resembling normal for some in Norway this morning. So boil that brew, chuck this on, and charge down the barrel of this week in style. Nice Hooves sold me upon first contact with this banger (https://youtu.be/v3v-t-SOWuo) and I just learned that they’re made predominantly of members of The Armed. These guys have got that noise meets hardcore flavour that gets me salivating and that bass tone. Oh, that bass tone. The oft forgotten special ingredient. I don’t have much else to say, but these articles were never meant to be about me rambling on with review buzzwords. These guys aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they’re slamming their foot on the gas and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

FFO: Drinking gasoline.