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Hella – There’s No 666 in Outer Space

Ipecac Recordings – 2007

Everyone’s heard of The Mars Volta, but these guys give them a serious run for their money. Musical acrobatics is one hell of an understatement.

I just realised I’ve never even listened to any of their other material. Whenever I’m feeling the need to feel even more inadequate on my instrument, I put on this album and don’t dare tread further into their discography. Either way, this whole thing is a wild ride into I don’t know what the fuck. Maybe you should listen to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about more than this idiot who’s trying to educate you right now about a band he knows almost nothing about.

I will say though, I saw a lot of folks calling out Tosin Abasi (of Animals As Leaders fame) recently for claiming his ‘selective picking’ technique on guitar when the guy from this band was playing like a fucking mutant years prior. I don’t know. Who cares? I’m going to go burn all my guitars now. 

FFO: The Mars Volta who?