Albumanbefaling Anmeldelser ROB:SCURE



Translation Loss Records – 2005

The yin to my yang. Not everything can be break-neck intensity all the time. This album is one of those moments I find peace in, as I imagine it was for creators Colin Marston (Behold… The Arctopus) and Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia). I actually mentioned it to Kevin the last time they played in Oslo with Gorguts and he was shocked anyone had even heard this album. I’ve been obsessed with audio chaos for a long time, but equally endearing to me is the beautiful art of the chord progression. Nothing can lift you up and then tear you down quite like it. Case in point: track 4 – “Closer to the Center.” Save this one for a rainy day or allowing yourself to feel vulnerable.

FFO: I’m not crying, you’re crying.