Blodspor tar en «indefinite hiatus.»

Igår smalt nyheten. Om de ikke helt gir seg, så skal dem ihvertfall ta seg en lang pause. Vi er litt usikre om vi skal si «takk, hadet og RIP» eller «sees seinere»

Her er den offisielle uttalelsen.

«All good things must come to an end. Blodspor will go on an indefinite hiatus.

While we have had an amazing 10 year run as a band it has become increasingly harder and harder to give it the full attention it deserves, so we have decided to go our separate ways to focus on other projects. Be it family, careers, other bands and musical endeavors. We started out as five friends wanting to make music and have a good time. Turns out, we were not half bad at it either. Good times and friendship has always been our core value, and every member has been utmost crucial to what became the sound and live expression that is Blodspor. Lineup changes was never an option!

We would like to send out an enormous thank you to everyone we have met along the way, every promoter, everyone who have lend us a helping hand, every venue and festival we ever played, crew members, reviewers, photographers, every band we have shared the stage with and everyone who came out to our shows to listen, laugh, mosh, dance, scream and sing with us. It has been a fun ride and we have met some truly amazing people along the way! Thank you all!

Best wishes and screams through the silence from:
Audun, Lage, Kris, Andreas and Bent!»

Vi i Råkkfolk krøsser fingra for å se dem igjen om ikke så frøktelig lenge. Og hvis vi ikke ser dem, ønsker vi gutta lykke til med alle prosjekter , band og musikalske utflukter videre.