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Unraveller – Kinship Synthesis

The Black Coast – 2012

I’ve already professed my love for Mike ‘Gunface’ McKenzie. His work with The Red Chord blew minds, his solo project Stomach Earth crushed skulls, and Unraveller brought the inner child to life. Watch any of TRCs interviews with Metal Injection and you’ll get slapped in the face with playfulness you wouldn’t expect from such a heavy band. No release has ever really filled the hole that the TRC hiatus left, but this comes as a close second just because of how stupidly fun it is. 8-bit inspired music through the filter of death-metal (track: Flight of the Oneironauts). Yes please. Strap on your helmets, brush the cheese doodle dust off your fingers and get ready to play!

FFO: Fighting over the good controller.