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O’Brother – You And I (Self-released – 2020)

Time for something new. Like just came out new. I actually heard these guys late last year, but I wasn’t in the mood for their sound at the time. It just goes to show how much hearing the right album at the right time can completely make or break your connection to a band. I’m so glad these lush tunes came to find me again. It’s been so long since I’ve found something new that I love with only clean singing. My tastes have been firmly in the shorter, faster, louder ballpark for years. But I feel like these guys have one foot in that territory (more so on the previous album) and have branched out much further than most would dare.

The chord progressions are right up my alley. The vocals had me sceptical at first (I’m the opposite of your mum asking why they have to scream all the time), bringing images to mind of a v-neck clad lothario serenading all the vaginas in the world. But you can’t deny soul. And I really ate my words after checking out their last Audiotree session (https://youtu.be/yt8wY-ErqH8), realising these are genuine people making genuine music that gets down in your bones.

Being self-released at a time like this probably means these guys are sitting in a massive financial hole right now, especially without being able to tour, so sling them some dollars for a vinyl if you’ve got the ability to do so. 

FFO: music you AND your mum would like.