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Serious Beak – Huxwhukw

Art As Catharsis – 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve featured an Art As Catharsis release. AAC is a Sydney record label fuelled by human in perpetual motion, Lachlan R. Dale, he also happens to be one of the guitarists on this spectacular album. I’m still in awe of this guy, at one point he was working full-time, studying, running a label and playing/contributing to a minimum of three bands. He’s calmed down somewhat in recent years with his latest project Hashshashin, but his drive is a constant source of inspiration for me to do more with my time. Speaking of time, these guys tear it apart. Dense, technical, instrumental metal with a flair for delicate dynamics. Think Meshuggah meets King Crimson. And if you needed any more of an explanation:


FFO: Meshuggah and King Crimson fingering each other(s fretboards).